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Our Mission

To inspire, celebrate, educate and engage women in philanthropy and community service to create lasting change in Marion County by:

  • Bringing women philanthropists together to share their interests and involvements


  • Apprising women of trends regarding women and philanthropy


  • Keeping women informed about the needs of our community


  • Educating women about United Way's Community Impact work

Create your volunteer profile by clicking the button below
and once registered, sign-up for any of the below activities. 

Virtual & Remote 

These opportunities can be completed at any time. Once complete, make sure to self-report your hours through this form.


Letter to Teachers

Show teachers how valued they are through messages of appreciation.

Image by sydney Rae

Letter to Veterans

Provide support and appreciation to veteran military men and women.

Image by Andre Ouellet

Letter to Senior

Write a letter that will uplift an elderly neighbor in our community.


Image by Kelly Sikkema

DIY Hygiene Kit

Hygiene items are needed for the health and wellbeing of our homeless and at-risk neighbors in Marion County.

Female Teacher during a Math Class

DIY Teacher Kit

Help provide a variety of supplies needed in the classroom along with items to students of low socio-economic status.

Food Delivery

DIY Power Pack Kit

Provide nutritious, easy-to-prepare food items for children to take home for the weekend.

Back to School

DIY School Supply Kit

Every backpack kit you purchase will go to a local student and provide thenecessary tools they need to succeed.

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