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How does the portal work?

United Way of Marion County staff oversee and manage the portal. We work with local non-profit agencies and civic group to identify their current needs and connect our neighbors to these volunteer opportunities.


Once you create a profile, you are able to sign-up for individual volunteer projects. Each project will need to be submitted separately to notify our agency partners when they are receiving help! 

How does my agency or group get our project listed online?

Select the "Submit a Project" tab to enter your information and submit an upcoming volunteering opportunity. The form will be reviewed by a United Way of Marion County staff member, and your agency/group will be added to our Agency Partner List, as well as the project. If we have any questions, we will contact you to confirm the details. 

Each project needs to be submitted as an individual entry. 

What volunteering opportunities are available for someone under 18 years of age?

Age requirements vary for most of our agency partners.; however, most projects under basic needs and flexible volunteering are accommodating to any age range. Additional opportunities can be found under virtual volunteering. If you need volunteer hours to be signed-off by a staff member for those, please contact us for the self-certification form link. 


If you're interested in a particular project outside of the options listed above, please contact the agency directly to ask about age restrictions. 

What happens after I book a 
volunteering opportunity?

Once you have selected a project to participate in, you will recieve a confirmation email with all of the details including the location, date, time, and agency contact for the day-of the experience. All of your current and past volunteering projects will be listed under your profile, which you can access at the top right of the menu bar. 

Add the event to your calendar, encourage your friends to sign-up and join!  

What steps do I take the day-of my volunteering experience?

During the day of your volunteering project, please follow the below steps: 
- Come prepared with water and a face mask. When applicable, also pack sunscreen, bug spray, jacket, and work gloves. 

- Check-In With Your Agency Contact, which will be provided in your confirmation email) 
- Feel free to take a few photos or video sharing your experience 
- Tag @UWMarionCounty & use #volunteerunited to have your images/photos shared on the UWMC page and volunteer portal. 
- Visit the Portal and Sign Up AGAIN!!! 

Can you reschedule or cancel
an upcoming volunteer project?

Click your name at the top right of the menu bar and select the "my bookings" option. Find the project that you need to cancel/reschedule and select the down arrow next to the word "reschedule". You can select the option that best suites your needs, at which point, the agency will be notified that you can no longer attend. 

Have additional questions? 

Thanks for submitting!

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